Pinterest as a Business Platform

I’ve never really looked at Pinterest as anything other than a platform for personal use. I use it to pin materials that I’m interested in. I wouldn’t have upfront thought it to be a way to brand a business.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed a trend of business advertising popping up throughout my home page feed. That sprung my curiosity and interest of how businesses might use Pinterest as a way to reach their audience.

Last week, our Social Media Management class Skyped in some experts in the Pinterest business field, PetPlan. PetPlan is a pet health insurance company. Their goal as a company is to focus on the good health of the animal rather than selling their product.

They saw Pinterest as an opportunity to build a community among their audience. They pegged the bulk of their audience as young twenty-something to thirty-something females who (obviously) love and own animals. Coincidentally, the majority of Pinterest users are within that age range, making it very easy for PetPlan to effectively reach their audience.

Pinterest ended up being a very effective platform for PetPlan. It actually got deemed a business success story by Pinterest itself and is nominated for a Shorty Award based off of their success on Pinterest.

I’m sure a lot of PetPlan’s success was due to their ability to plan and post material that was beneficial to their audience. Judging by our guest speakers from the company, they really did know what they were talking about. However, I think they had a lot of assistance in the very fact that puppies and kittens are highly a highly search subject these days.

For companies that may not have such a highly searchable subject pertaining to their product or service or just aren’t very savvy with Pinterest for professional use, here’s a few pointers:

  1. Know your audience. As said before, the majority of Pinterest users are females in there mid twenties to mid thirties. If you’re company is trying to target that audience, then Pinterest is probably a good platform to use.
  2. Provide useful content. People use Pinterest to find information. They typically want to learn how to do something or find information on a specific topic. Be creative and find a way to build brand awareness through how to’s and informational tidbits related to your company and the product and/or service you provide.
  3. Don’t sell your product. Sounds weird, right? Your first instinct as a business would be to sell your product. However, it’s been shown that businesses, like PetPlan, that show that they know what they’re doing and provide useful information, have more success and drive more business than those who just advertise and try to sell their product and/or service.

These are just a few of the ways your business can use Pinterest to drive success and build brand awareness. Depending on your product and/or service, your goals as a business, and the community you want to reach, Pinterest could be the perfect tool for you and your business.


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