Google+: Not Worth Your Time

Awhile ago, in class, we dabbled on the Google+ and whether it is a valuable social network or not. You may even be reading this and be thinking to yourself, “Google+?? What the heck is that?” That’s a great question! It took a little bit of research for me to understand exactly what it is. And now, with my greater understanding and with all the other social media sites floating around, Google+ is worthless to your business.

So what is Google+? Google says that the platform is, “a place to connect with friends and family, and explore all of your interests.” Hmm… sounds a lot like other more popular social media platforms or maybe a combo between a few. “Share photos, send messages, and stay in touch with the people and topics.” So what makes this platform any different than Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or other popular sites?

Circles are the forefront of this platform. This is the element that sets them apart from other social media sites – or so Google says. Circles organized people with similar interests into groups. Once the group is completed, users can share content within each circle that is private and unseen by anyone outside of the group. Interesting… Sounds just like a private Facebook group to me!

In my opinion, Google+ is not worth your time. You and your business can find the same or, I’d even argue, better reach through other social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are places to connect with friends and family. Pinterest is the ideal place to explore your interests. These sites focus on a very elements and therefore, are very successful with that element. For example, Pinterest specializes in allowing you to explore and find information pertaining to your interests. This would not be an accomplishable task on Pinterest.

Still though, Google+ has quite the following. As of 2013, they had 0ver 300 million active users. More recently in 2015, Google+ has a reach of 38 percent and 13% of small businesses are using the platform to help reach their audiences and build a following.

The way I see it, if they really focused on making Google+ a platform for businesses, they would be extremely successful. It has a very professional look and it’s a perfect way to connect users as their Gmail account is connected to their account. Until they really narrow down their platform to be business oriented, I don’t believe they will be successful and it’s not worth you or your business’s time.

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