What’s the deal with Reddit?

Think back to your Myspace days… If you remember, on your home page there was a bulletin board section. Users could post anything they want from articles to questions to, my favorite, surveys and everyone that they were friends with could see the bulletin.

This is essentially what Reddit is. It’s “an entertainment, social networking service, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system,” according to Wikipedia.

Reddit’s demographics are almost two to one between males and females. Males, especially young males age 18 to 29, dominate the site. There are many opinions as to why this is. Many believe it’s because a lot of the content is directed towards men or interests men over women. Others believe it’s because of sexist, hateful, and degrading posts amongst women.

The site has received a lot of backlash on the inappropriate content from males against women. From what we learned in class, the content management team at Reddit is very aware of these posts and depending on the severity of the content, they will take it down, but for the most part they keep it up because of the people who defend and stand-up against the posts. This is what, they believe, makes Reddit the site that it is. The ability to say what you want, defend, and stand-up for what you believe in wouldn’t be available, if it was highly regulated like other social sites. Unfortunately, that sort of freedom can get out of control, but most of the time, it inspires in-depth and intelligent conversation.

In terms of how Reddit fits in with the promotion of your business, it doesn’t work very well if you’re blatantly promoting your brand. Instead, it’s better if you post a bulletin related to your companies product or service, but also pertains to the interests of your audience and the interests and popular topics on Reddit.

Other than interest-related posts, your business can utilize Reddit for customer service, for company news and an event calendar, perform interviews, create community, and set-up your own sub-Reddit for information related to a specific topic.

It may not be the most conventional social media site to use to promote your business, but if your audience is mostly males, especially young males, Reddit could be the perfect fit for your businesses promotional purposes.






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