About Tayler!

_DSC7716Hi! I’m Tayler and welcome to my social media blog.

I was born and raised in the Highlands area of Denver, Colorado — just a hop, skip, and a jump away from so many fun things to do. From a very young age, I was involved in many entertainment based activities from musical theatre to piano to sports. That involvement really inspired me to take entertainment into my career one day.

When I came to Colorado State, knowing I wanted to work in the entertainment industry, I decided that Journalism and Media Communications was the best fit for me and my goals. I tacked on a Business Minor, too, as a way to keep my options open.

I have become very interested in PR and event planning during my time at CSU. Last summer, I completed an internship with The Stasko Agency in Denver and learned so much about PR, publicity, and event planning. My time with them really helped solidify my passion for the field.

Last Spring, I was lucky enough to participate in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in Florida. I fell in love with the company and the entertainment industry (even more). Because of my time there, I would love to work for the PR or event planning department of any entertainment company. My dream job is to be a part of the wedding planning team at Walt Disney World. It would be so magical!

In my free time, I love to camp (when it’s warm), hike, go to concerts, hang out with friends, and binge watch Netflix. I love country music, chai tea, good hugs, and my favorite animal is a hippopotamus.

My favorite social media tool is definitely Pinterest. There’s just always something new you can learn from it or it’s also a great resource for pretty much anything you need. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing to me. I’m very visually oriented so I like that the first thing I see is pictures before the text. It catches my attention more than it would the other way around.

My favorite company’s social media is the Walt Disney Company. I know it sounds like I’m bias from what I’ve said about my history with them, but they truly are masterminds with their use of social media. They have a way of captivating the inner child of even the oldest of adults through fun, different and interactive social media posts. Recently they posted a recipe for Snow White cupcakes on Facebook. What a clever way to connect and interact with your audience over social media!

I’m looking forward to a good semester and learning more about social media management







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